Gold / Diamond

180. Gold / Diamond

  • Classic: $220 $220
  • Contact: $230 $230

We proudly offer the most realistic looking GRILL mouthguards in the world!

We were the first to make them, and are the only to master them!

If you like being noticed, you’ll LOVE these Grilled – out fronts!


 This close-up video is the next best thing to holding one in your hand.  Enjoy.

All mouthguards come complete with personalized storage case and reference literature.  Mouthguard disinfectant $7.



Suitable for sports where head and full-face protection is worn.

Final thickness is approximately 3 mm.



Appropriate for sports where head and full-face protection is not worn.

Final thickness is approximately 4.5 mm.



Essential equipment for combat sports where the chance of direct contact to the head is not only high – it’s the objective.

Final thickness is approximately 6 mm.